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Balanced Brain & Body Counseling, LLC

I look forward to connecting with you. Please complete the contact form to get started!
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Bethe Bonk


I believe that everyone has the capacity for healing and that it can be hard to ask for help, especially when you are struggling. I love this work and strive to bring a light and energy to every person I meet.  I am excited when others succeed and feel it is my job to help you get to where you are already headed.  I believe that you are an expert on your own life and I am here to help give you the tools to use to enhance and create room for change.  I love my job and love to watch you succeed and understand that your successes are a result of your own hard work.


Brainspotting is a mind and body therapy tool that can help a person access, process and overcome trauma, negative emotions, and even physical symptoms.  This website is a great place to learn more.


Integrating Brainspotting and Internal Family Systems work with resourcing and coping skills. I  use a client centered approach so I know you are getting the best treatment (what will work best for you).


Internal Family Systems is a non-pathologizing approach.  It pairs well with brainspotting as you can work with parts of yourself that feel stuck while working through difficult feelings/unprocessed trauma.


A person centered space where you can come to find compassionate care.  

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